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Stallfresh by Sirocco


Stallfresh, The Natural Choice


Ammonia gas is the leading cause of respiratory problems for animals kept in stalls or stables. Moisture contamination is responsible for the development of molds, bacteria and fungi, which are a major cause of disease. STALL FRESH was developed to reduce ammonia and moisture in stalls and stables.

StallFresh Application


When should STALL FRESH be used?

Apply STALL FRESH directly to the wettest areas of stalls and stables, concentrating the product on the areas that become saturated with urine and manure.

STALL FRESH will retain ammonia, however the absorbed moisture will be dispersed back into the air, returning the powder to its original absorbing properties until the saturation level is reached.


How fast will STALL FRESH work?

The absorption of ammonia and moisture by STALL FRESH will take place immediately upon contact.

A study was conducted in a 40-stall boarding facility during February and March of 2007 to determine the effects of STALL FRESH on the production of ammonia gases. The results show a reduction in ammonia of up to 50%.

Horse Stall
AMS offers StallFresh, and TrailerFresh, as well, to keep animals safe and healthy.



Stallfresh Product




TRAILER FRESH and STALL FRESH have been designed specifically for the equine industry. These products have been developed to absorb harmful ammonia gases before your horse can be exposed to them. Ammonia has long been determined to be extremely detrimental to the respiratory systems of horses, especially foals.

TRAILER FRESH and STALL FRESH have been used effectively for over 10 years in more than 40 countries worldwide. The company developing these products has received numerous International Awards for innovation in animal health and for developing environmentally-friendly products.


TRAILER FRESH and STALL FRESH will also eliminate moisture in the bedding, extending bedding life. Insect and internal parasite eggs need moisture to survive, so the reduction in moisture will improve the horse's environment in more ways than just odor control. Essential oils in the products replace the harmful ammonia gas with a pleasant smell and serve as an insect repellent


Adsorption is only half of the equation for handling moisture. TRAILER FRESH and STALL FRESH also disperse the absorbed moisture into the air and return the powder to its original absorbing property. This ability to disperse moisture is found only in TRAILER FRESH and STALL FRESH making it a highly desirable product for use in stables, stalls and trailers.

In the past, lime-based products have been used to control ammonia levels. However, lime can irritate or burn skin and soft hoof tissue. In addition, lime does not work as an ammonia gas or urea adsorbent. The ammonia gases are not removed by the lime, the ammonia smell is just "masked" by the odor of the lime.

Other mineral products have also been used as absorbents, however these products do not tightly bind the ammonia, and therefore the harmful gases can be released back into the environment.


TRAILER FRESH and STALL FRESH are quality products from a quality company.




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